Mtbody Care Hot Massage Gel 200G

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Creates average heat to hasten metabolic rate and also increase fat loss. Figure type is redefined as slackening and fatty waist as well as abdominal are firmed up. The ideal mixture of moisturizing ingredients, which includes algae extract, cayenne pepper, and uranium, supplies skin with plentiful moisture. Exfoliating ingredients are sea salt as well as scrub grains. Nourishing element grapefruit extract functions to rejuvenate skin with plentiful vitamins. Skin appears translucent, supple, and watery. An enjoyable thread of Grapefruit fragrance allows a sweet massage experience. How you can use: After bathing, paint a good volume to gently dampened waist and abdominal. Try massaging in circular movements until you are feeling a little sexy. And after that rinse completely. Pack Size - 200g

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